Glasshouse – Built upon an area of 6000 sqft, it’s high ceilings, designer décor and abundant lighting makes it an open-hearted and luxurious environment.

The ground floor has a large sitting area, dining, an open kitchen and an adjoining living room.

The first floor has three bedrooms with attached bathrooms. A cozy sitout in this mezenine floor overlooks the ground floor sitting area on one side and the hillocks on the other side.

Front garden – Let your hair loose in our smart stretch of lawn sprinkled with garden chairs, groomed shrubs, a campfire and winding pathways. It’s the perfect spot to catch the breeze and stretch your legs after a long day. We also recommend it for parties and barbeque nights to heighten the cheer.

Portico – Our portico is embellished with flowering plants and an antique wooden swing. It overlooks the stretches of farmland, making it a cosy space for pyjama strolls and coffee breaks.

Jogging track and fruit orchard – The jogging track is lined with swooning palm trees. The track winds around an adorable fruit orchard of 750 sqm. It’s ideal for a hearty jog or a breezy stroll while your mind wanders amidst the sounds of chirping birds, tickling breezes and swaying branches.

Outdoor stage – The outdoor garden stage is wide and accommodative, making the Bliss farm stay an interesting option for small gatherings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

Parking – We are endowed with a generous parking space that can accommodate around 6 cars with ease.

Kids Zone – Kids love open spaces to run around and be wild with their athletic skill on slides and marry go round..