About Bliss

Nestle in our cradle of good times, indefinite memories and plush vibes. Catch a breath of fresh air, lie down in the lap of well-crafted luxury, stroll amidst stretches of green and prepare to soak in the divinity of a majestic river and an ancient temple. Our designer glasshouse is an expansive haven of warm, bright spaces decked with luxurious indulgence. The glass-fronted living rooms stitch the breathtaking outdoors with the aesthetic and amenities of modern luxury to bring an all-encompassing experience to life.

We also host events for those who like to introduce a unique spin onto their celebrations. Invite your guests to revel in a venue close to nature whilst relishing the comfort and luxury that our farm stay extends.

Bliss farm stay is a passion project of Dr. Rajeev Garg and Dr.Sangeetha Garg. They have poured themselves to pick out each piece of furniture and housing to bring its elegant ambience alive for their guests.

You will be received and supported throughout your stay by Anand, who is extremely approachable and resourceful. He is well-cherished as he goes out of his way to be of help at any request.

We look forward to welcoming you at our farm stay and showering you with our hospitality.

Bliss Farm Stay